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The sensuality of light

“Essentials are invisible to the eye", this was Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince.
Marco Ambrosini's sculpture makes essentials visible.
The Light, Eternity and Breathing (names for his works too) are marble waves, clear and silent (Perpetual Wave), pure withe emersions. And Light.
The heavy, difficult material becomes gentle, almost fragile, as a piece of paper or cloth (Ruff) stroked by a thrill and carassed by the sculptor till it turns into a symbol of carnality, a vibrant creature.

We cannot but think of Arp, his oblong solids and axpressive voids, ways through dreams and poetry and do remember the Cycladic sculptures, voluptuous and polished in their shapes as in "Mother Earth" and "Nakes". There's a brillant sensuality full of grace and mystery, a trepidation of the shade ("Geisha" and Lovers").
In " Medea" the light vertical embrace melts with a dark, horizontal valve. Love and death, light and obscurity.
Throught these contrasts Ambrosini outlines the essence and concentrates it within the marble pure profile.
Looking at his works is listening to the sea - sound inside a shell: ancient ad deep echoes can be perceived. We don't know whether lights or shadows are growing inside us, but we are led to silence, contemplation, introspection. And beyond.

Manuela Bartolotti Ablondi

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