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The Philosophy

The main theme of my work is the creation of lines and shapes, the interplay of masses and void bringing out light and shade. Smoothness and sensual aspects , nevertheless strong.

A synthesis of shapes able to release in me the spring of excitement for a gift I have met. That moment of surprise for the growing of Intuition , the turning of the Idea and the fulfillment of a desire living inside me that very moment.

The bright surfaces of the majority of my sculptures help increase their sensuality and ability to arouse curiosity and seduction. My creations have to possess brightness and a "caressing skin" , pleasant to the touch.

My work needs to intrigue to the point that you have to touch it in order to investigate its lines and shapes. This is why the level of surface- polishing is so important to me and why I prefer Marble which owns all the essential components to reach this aim.

In so doing and , though violated a bit ,we have the unique chance of being able to fully understand the material , indeed the Work’s request.

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